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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Gotta problem with me?! Let's have coffee and we'll tawk.

Unfortunate that I even need to write this, but there is an anonymous right wing troll on my site who posts occasionally literate comments, so I feel a need to state that my policy, heretofore not posted, is that unless I know the commenter personally, as I usually do, or unless the person identifies themself instead of hiding behind a cowardly nickname, I won’t reply to their comments.

And I want this site vitriol-free, so if your post is respectful, I will generally enjoy engaging in any discussion you’d like to have. And that includes you, Mr. Oleck, whom I have complimented in the past for your courage in identifying yourself without hesitation.

But I don’t want to get into a lot of back and forth because I’ve found that there is rarely any point in trying to convince each other of something that we are so strongly in opposition to.


  1. Jamie...I'm your occasional troll...I have no problem identifying myself...I do it almost weekly in any LTE to the Daily's just that I don't understand how to do it here so anonymous was just's me Jamie...Anthony J Oleck ...and my question is your letter to the editor you pulled a Gruber and denigrated the voters for failing to acknowledge the economic achievements of our your list of accomplishments you mentioned the price of gas being lowered under his administration...since you give him credit for it I will as you again...please tell me SPECIFICALLY....what he did to lower the world market in oil....that's gave him credit for it, now tell me what he did. I have a follow up letter waiting to be sent on this issue and it mentions you again...but I will wait before sending it for your response...I don't want to look like a fool when you tell me all the things Obama and the Democrats did to get the price of oil to drop....but I won't wait long because I'm very anxious to present my side of that story...and it has nothing to do with Obama or Democrats......once again...its ANTHONY J OLECK who will sign off formerly as anonymous just because its easier.

  2. Jamie you may not consider your letter denigrating to the voter but by inference that's exactly what it was....there was a resounding rejection of the President and his policies...historical really, the Republican victories in both congress and the Senate as well as Governorships was record-breaking...and yesterday another big name democrat fell in Louisiana. Your letter acknowledged the trouncing the democrats got but then in a more polite and subtle way then Gruber you went on to question voters for rejecting a man who has done so much good. Jamie, the people spoke loud and clear and you should be introspective as to why? Not lashing out at inability to see the "greatness" in the man that you still see but so many others don't.

    In your letter you talk about the great economy and list the usual talking points including the reduction in the price of oil...worldwide mind you. You include it in his "economic" accomplishments and I called you out on in the heck did he perform such an amazing feat.

    Your response is uninspiring if not disingenuous ...the dot points you got off some web site have nothing to do with it...some of them if accurate may affect the price of oil in the future, but not now. Extending leases either on land or on water will affect the price of oil IF AND WHEN they find oil after they go through all steps from EPA approvals to constructing the rigs...that's in the future Jamie, that oil is not on line now.

    No I think you know full well that Obama and the democrats had NOTHING to do with the reduction in price you claim as one of his achievements....the things you and Obama oppose had EVERYTHING to do with it. Fracking has made the US the leading producer of oil in the world and Obama and democrats the land over are opposed to it...fracking and a slowing worldwide economy is the reason for the reduction in price...not some Obama magic. And the other contribution from a friendly North American neighbor is the pipeline Jamie....all the regulatory agencies in Obamas government say no environmental impact...yet Obama and Democrats refuse to approve the Keystone pipeline. A 10th grader could make an effective decision on that one....oil from a friend, contributing to lower energy costs, safer transportation than by rail or truck but this feckless President will not approve it and Harry Reid in the "do nothing" Senate sits on this a hundreds of other Bills the CONGRESS HAS PASSED BUT GOES NOWHERE in the do nothing Jamie your letter to the editor is a sham, your points supporting the president are weak and easily debunked as I have shown refuse to be reflective in the face of voters screaming out at you and the President...instead you inply that they just don't see the greatness in the man that you see....all I can say to that Jamie, if that's your "happy place" and you need to delude yourself rather than face reality...well have at it my friend. But its not the real world and your nightmare is not ending anytime soon I'm prediction....Mitt Romney, the man who was proven right on so many things Obama ridiculed him for (the Russian threat being the biggest)...the guy who had to debate both Obama and the liberal moderator Candy Crowley (wasn't that revealing media bias on display) prediction is that he runs again. I think the people realize they made a big, big mistake and I think Mitt runs......I even have a campaign slogan for him....I TOLD YOU SO.

    Well have a good day Jamie...enjoy the game today but remember ....f the republicans do control everything in 2 years you are going to rue the day Obama set the precedent of ruling by Executive fiat....let the good times roll.......the anonymous Anthony J Oleck

  3. forgot some stats for you since you continue to mention the bogus, meaningless unemployment rate in your letters..

    92,447,000 people no working, the highest in history

    11,918,000 dropped out of the workforce, just stopped looking that lowers the rate

    and the labor participation rate, the number of people actually working is the lowest in 36 years

    food for thought if you were an introspective man

  4. Thanks for your input, sir. I'm sure my readers will enjoy a different perspective on this.

    1. Jamie.....I'm sure you have been following the sharp decline in oil prices....slowing world economy and the oversupply from some of our new technology. Today there was an economist on CNBC who said this is just the first bubble to pop as a result of government throwing money at the economic problem...he said this is one of many bubbles to pop....the uninformed think oil declining is good news...but such a drastic drop in such a short time period should be's unsettling to economic markets and at least this one economist says get ready for more bubbles to I said in response to your letter when government messes with markets....prints money...drops it from helicopters...goes deeper into debt, there will; be a price to pay. We may be seeing some of that unraveling occurring now in the energy markets...but those markets affect the economies and jobs of millions around the world and make governments like Venezuela and Russia unstable....and unstable governments give rise to all sorts of mayhem. Keep a watchful eye made sport of conservatives calling the economy you so admire a may soon be proven wrong and that is not going to be good for you or me....AJO

    2. This summarizes the RW approach so perfectly. Since day one of Obama's presidency, actually starting before that, you guys keep predicting all these crazy things that are going to happen (Death Panels! Run away Inflation! 100,00 IRS agents!) and my impression is that you're actually hoping some of these crazy things will actually happen, just so Obama will look bad and so far, as you tacitly admit, the economy is in fact going great and Obama has almost nothing but economic success. I'll bet it's driving you guys nuts!

      But even better - this post encapsulates how Obama is only eligible for blame, no matter what it is, and never any credit. If the oil prices cause a problem, it will be Obama's fault. Low oil prices bad, due to gov't stimulus, all Obama's fault. Gotta love it!

  5. well I must say you are a gentlemen....I appreciate the open forum. Years ago I went on Karen Porters site and engaged in was when the issue of anti war protests and Iraq were being discussed and I gave my perspective as a Vietnam Viet who served in a combat role. The way her site was constructed you would have a topic and then the comments...every time someone commented it would be counted so you knew how many people participated in the conversation. Most of the conversations had 4-5-10 people commenting at most. When I got engaged in the mix the number went up to m40-50-70 responders so we had a healthy debate . A few people started saying things like well yes I see your point on that issue..(agreeing with me)....that's when some in the group started complaining that the blog should be closed to outsiders. I remember some people talking about right wing I told them that we only seem extreme because the left has move so far left from JFK and the Tip O'Neill Democrats I remember...then I told them about a radio host who read a speech, after reading it he asked listeners to call in a give the author of the speech. Now I don't remember exact numbers but most of the people calling in said it sounded like Ronald Reagan....well it wasn't Ronald was John F Kennedy. Then I put the nail in the coffin and said....thats how far left you progressives have gone....when a JFK speech sounds like Reagan you know its the left that has gone extreme not the last comment was that John F Kennedy would not recognize todays Democrat Party. That was my last post Jamie.....I was banned from the site and all my comments were much for the liberal open mind. Now you have a little insight why I challenge Karen Porter every chance I get....but you sir seem like a gentlemen. ANTHONY J OLECK

    1. Sorry - I'm way behind on many things - that time of the year, you know! And I wanted to respond to this. I'm sorry to hear that about Karen's site. As long as it stays civil and not too time-consuming, but most important to me - rational, I don't mind the comments, and I'll reply on occasion, but not always.

      As for the JFK speech, you know I could do the same thing with any number of Reagan speeches too, right? In fact, I believe I wrote a letter to the Local pointing out all the policies he held that would make him a screaming liberal in the eyes of the extreme right wing that has taken over your party.

      But all that aside, thank you for your kinds words. It's not always easy being a gentleman in these sorts of discussions. :-)

      BTW, my brother was a Vietnam swift-boater. Sadly, he was killed in a car crash on rte 41 in 1998. Would I ever have loved to get his opinions on the Kerry issues! Especially since he too was a Democrat. I did make contact with one of his ship mates though - a very close friend who lives in Georgia now - and he happened to be one of the members of Swift Boat Veterans for (non-)Truth :-) and he admitted that his group had absolutely no idea about what Kerry had or hadn't done but just had a grudge against Kerry for his Senate testimony. He even admitted that he thought Kerry would have been an excellent President. And surely better than the guy who pretty much brought this country to his knees from 2001-9 (He didn't say that part - that was me!) :-)

  6. not sure you could come up with quotes from Reagan that sound anywhere close to liberal progressive...but lets stick with one famous quote from a very famous Democrat...."Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country"......that statement is in DIRECT conflict with todays liberal, progressive policy....where the government is at the center of the universe...mother, father, sister, brother.....government will take care of us (obamacare), government will give us cell phones (obamaphones) ...government will provide for me if I fail to provide for myself.....WIC checks, EBT checks, food stamps, government housing, Medicaid, welfare.....we have created generations of families totally dependent on government because todays progressives didn't listen to a word John F Kennedy said in his inaugural speech