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OK, so there won't be a LOT on here about sex, but tell the truth, that's most of the reason you entered this site, right? So, I'll slip some things in from time to time just to keep you coming...back.

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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Or if you do need an explanation check the title of this blog and see if that narrows it down for you

If I had gotten laid as often in college as I heard the words "I'd rather just think of you as a friend", I'd have been a much happier guy, though arguably, the two don't easily co-exist. Those were the unfortunate days well before the current FWB phenomenon.

It only took 30-35 years, no, not to get laid, but to agree with them. There are a number of ex-love interests from my college and even high school days that I had been out of touch with for many, many years with whom, thanks primarily to facebook, I am now friends and I like that a lot. I do find myself caring about them, and wanting to know how they are doing, and what they are up to and how their lives turned out, but have no interest in what I may, in college, have been most interested in. I doubt I need to explain that thought any further.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Kind of like trying to explain my point here. Can you forgive me?

My general rule that I try to follow with judgment, besides trying to avoid it, is when I am aware of a decision someone has made that seems really stupid to me, I try to remember that I don't know all the facts, feelings, history or anything else that went into their decision. I try to think only of what I would like to think I would have done, based on what I actually do know about the situation, but accepting that I don't know everything.

It struck me in Meeting last week, that I should take the same approach to forgiveness. I can forgive someone more easily if I assume I don't know why they did to me what they did to upset me. And funny how often it seems worse once they try to explain it.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Go Trev and Emma!

So proud of Trev and Emma for participating in the SHARE food program through Junior Interim Meeting in Philadelphia. SHARE accepts donations of school and office supplies from United Way that they sell at vastly reduced prices to families and other Non-Profit organizations. Two weekends ago, the Quaker kids helped to clear the shelves and reorganize thousands of rubber bands, packs of paper, pens, and other items.

Emma is on the far left at the top and Trev is the one in the goofy glasses in the front row.

That's Emma on the right.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

And now, I'm going to try to avoid ever hearing that word again the rest of my life

"The Virginia House of Representatives this week passed a bill that required women to have a trans-vaginal ultrasound before having an abortion," joked Amy Poehler on Saturday Night Live. "Now don't get me wrong, I love transvaginal. It's my favorite airline."

I've heard most of the "transvaginal" jokes, including the original bill, which really does seem like a joke of the cruelest kind, but to me, it sounds like something a male-to-female transexual would receive in surgery...or something they might enjoy before or afterwards:

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Maybe I've been wasting my time all these years thinking about world peace and stuff I'm a little slow. In Meeting on Sunday, I thought about what it would be like to have a disease and 2 days later, I realize I have early onset arthritis.

I can't wait to get back to Meeting on Sunday so I can wonder about other stuff, like what it would be like to suddenly be a millionaire.

It's apparently Disease Day in Jamie's large head

I think I may have written once before in here about how so many of my friends, in fact, I think it is unanimous in people I know over the age of about 30, have absolutely no interest in ever being famous. I on the other (arthritic - see previous post) hand, am intrigued by the idea, primarily, or at least I like to say it's my primary motivation, because I'd like to see how well I would handle it. And I don't mean famous, like people know my name, I mean like, Paparazzi hounding me, hiding in the woods, trying to shoot into our back windows famous. At least for 6 months or so. A great test of character.

It struck me recently, sitting in Meeting I think, that I might feel the same way about disease of a life-threatening variety, wondering how I would handle it. In fact, as I write those words, I remember that when I was a kid, I used to imagine what it would be like to be paralyzed from the waist down, only able to use my arms.

Of course, when I was a little kid, I didn't think so much in terms of other things I'd want to retain the use of.

Not to mention fascinating

Let the record show that at age 55, I started getting arthritis in my fingers. Scary.

Monday, February 13, 2012

VD = P & C

Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday of the year. It means pitchers and catchers report in a few days.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Skirt optional - what's not to love!

And to think I was never that much of a Hannah Montana fan:

(click on the photo to enlarge it - the photo, ya perv, not your junk)

I have to admit to loving this picture. (Like that's a surprising admission.) Not just for the obvious carnal-type reasons, but I love the look on her face. (Yes, I looked at her face some too. Geez! ) It's sort of a I don't give a farg what you think, I like this outfit, so deal, mother-truckers! That said, I don't care for her eyebrows at all. I see eyebrows like that on a girl and assume she has a low self-image, just the opposite of what the look on her face says.

Click here to see more photos of Miley on her coffee excursion.

And anyway, sometimes you just need to sleep, watch a movie or hit facebook!

A lot of ways I can go with this, found on HuffingtonPost:

The widely-held notion that women lose interest in sex after marriage has officially been debunked, according to a recent survey. The findings, which were released Tuesday by, an online news source for women, suggest that 75 percent of wives said a healthy sex life is important to them.
"This research sets the record straight: married women definitely value good sex in their relationships," said Liz Zack, editorial director of Love and Sex at iVillage.

Wahooooo! All is again right with the world! (Disclaimer: Not that I/we have ever had even an occasional doubt about that in our marriage.) Oh, but wait:

But despite the fact that most married women value sex, the survey found that two thirds would rather do something other than get it on, such as go to the spa, watch a movie, use Facebook or chat with friends. The 2010 iVillage sex survey found similar results, with more than 63 percent of women reporting that they would rather sleep, watch a movie or read than have sex.

Damn it!

So what gets wives in the mood? This year's survey revealed that having a spouse express loving feelings is more likely to rev up a woman's libido than receiving a gift or seeing her partner in sexy clothes.

Ah, forget it, too much work. I'd rather watch SportsCenter.


OK, jokes aside...go back to that first paragraph and see if you can find the single most important word in the whole thing. Go ahead, I'll wait. And while you're looking, I'll say this. I remember talking with an ex-girlfriend about 20 years ago about this subject. She, a single woman in her late 20's, early 30's (I think) worked in an insurance agency in West Chester where almost all of her co-workers were married men, most of them fairly young - in their 20's and 30's and from what she could tell, the sex life for them was almost non-existent in their marriages. This seemed to shock them, since they were under the widely held notion among young males that one of the main reasons to get married is that you can then have sex anytime you want.

The more she talked with them about it, and the more amazed they were that she loved sex, since their wives obviously hated it and had only done it with them when they were single in order to trap them into marriage, the more she realized that the reason their wives hated it wasn't because of the wives, but because of the husbands.

The guys never came to realize that although men and women love sex, they, for the most part, like it for different reasons. For women, it's much more about the emotional than the physical than it is for men. Just to pick percentages out of mid-air, I'd say it's 65/35 emotional/physical for women and more like 15/85 for men. I know the physical is crucial for women too, and this is another area where men are at a disadvantage. Men are so damn simple, physically and emotionally. There is no such thing as bad sex to a guy. Some is better than others, but there is no bad. Though women like an occasional quickie too, from what I've heard, read and experienced, there needs to a lot more that is long and slow and is not just sex, but sexy. And the physical stimulation for a guy to give a woman is far more mysterious and slow than it needs to be for a woman to give a guy.

There is way more at play here than this, and I think I'm pretty safe in saying this is not PC at all, actually probably none of this post is, but I really believe that a main need for women is to feel desired. Not that men don't too - I know I sure do, but I think it's stronger for women, and whether that is biological or society-driven, I have no idea or theory on it.

Oh, so the one most important word in that first paragraph? "Good".

Monday, February 6, 2012

Maybe we should contribute to buying Romney more air time so more people get to see him and dislike him?

A new ABC News/Washington Post poll is reporting a clear Obama lead in the fall election:
Fifty percent of Americans in this new ABC News/Washington Post poll approve of Obama’s job performance, the most since spring. Fifty percent say he deserves re-election, better than Bill Clinton at the start of his re-election year and as good as George W. Bush a month before he won a second term. And Obama now leads Romney among registered voters by a slight 51-45 percent, the first time either has cracked 50 percent in a series of matchups since spring

ABC News cites economic recovery as a reason for Obama's improved job performance, but there's this:
...questions focused on Romney’s wealth, his low tax burden and, relatedly, his ability to connect with average Americans. Notably, 52 percent in this poll, produced for ABC by Langer Research Associates, say the more they hear about Romney the less they like him – double the number who like him more.

Things you won't see reported in the Mainstream Media

I decided over the weekend that I'm going to ramp up my political posts leading up through the election in November. I hope none of my legion of readers minds. Here's the first one:

The first, with thanks to Dailykos:

Romney won 50.1 percent of 32,894 votes cast in the Nevada caucuses on Satuday. There are 471,292 registered Republicans in Nevada. That means that Romney garnered the support of 3.5 percent of them. Not exactly lighting it up, is he?

But then cheap thrills are better than none at all.

I wonder if a paper cut is God's way of punishing us for cheap thrills.

And when I refer to a cheap thrill, I think in terms of something sexual in nature if that wasn't already obvious. From a covert glance at a woman's decolletage to a brief glimpse of her panties... a welcoming kiss on the lips from a woman you're not related to or in love with. Damn, I made like 5 spelling errors in that sentence when I first wote it.

Maybe those thrills aren't as cheap as I'd thought.

And yet, the Dancing Waters at the Vet in 1971 were SO cutting edge!

And the Florida Miami Marlins wonder why folks won't take them seriously. This is what's going to happen each time one of their players hits a HR:

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Though in some ways it's even more impressive that she spends so little on utilities

I've been enamored of...or is it with? Zooey Deschanel ever since I discovered her in Elf - the Will Ferrell movie we watch every December with the two youngest kids. Cheryl and I have even watched all the episodes of her new show New Girl this year.

I say all that as partial apology for having clicked on a link breathlessly promising to give every possible detail of her recent divorce filing. And so it did, telling us these simply fascinating details:

She makes about $95,000 a month (Or about what Mitt "Thurston" Romney makes every 2 days.)

She spends only (!) about $22,550 a month on things including some of the following:
•$1,000 on groceries and other household items (doesn't seem outrageous)
•$500 on dining out (sounds low unless she's getting lots of comped meals)
•$800 on utilities
•$2,000 for clothes (Can you imagine? Though if I made $95K a month, I'm not sure I'd stop there.)

OK, I get that she makes $95k and spends $22,550 and is wise enough to sock the rest away, hopefully in some nice no-load mutual funds, but here's my question: WHAT THE HELL ELSE DOES SHE SPEND THE REST OF THE $72,450 A MONTH ON?!  Hair care products, perhaps? Here and there a Jew's Harp?

Sorry for the caps, but the question begged for them.