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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Though in some ways it's even more impressive that she spends so little on utilities

I've been enamored of...or is it with? Zooey Deschanel ever since I discovered her in Elf - the Will Ferrell movie we watch every December with the two youngest kids. Cheryl and I have even watched all the episodes of her new show New Girl this year.

I say all that as partial apology for having clicked on a link breathlessly promising to give every possible detail of her recent divorce filing. And so it did, telling us these simply fascinating details:

She makes about $95,000 a month (Or about what Mitt "Thurston" Romney makes every 2 days.)

She spends only (!) about $22,550 a month on things including some of the following:
•$1,000 on groceries and other household items (doesn't seem outrageous)
•$500 on dining out (sounds low unless she's getting lots of comped meals)
•$800 on utilities
•$2,000 for clothes (Can you imagine? Though if I made $95K a month, I'm not sure I'd stop there.)

OK, I get that she makes $95k and spends $22,550 and is wise enough to sock the rest away, hopefully in some nice no-load mutual funds, but here's my question: WHAT THE HELL ELSE DOES SHE SPEND THE REST OF THE $72,450 A MONTH ON?!  Hair care products, perhaps? Here and there a Jew's Harp?

Sorry for the caps, but the question begged for them.

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