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OK, so there won't be a LOT on here about sex, but tell the truth, that's most of the reason you entered this site, right? So, I'll slip some things in from time to time just to keep you coming...back.

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Monday, February 6, 2012

But then cheap thrills are better than none at all.

I wonder if a paper cut is God's way of punishing us for cheap thrills.

And when I refer to a cheap thrill, I think in terms of something sexual in nature if that wasn't already obvious. From a covert glance at a woman's decolletage to a brief glimpse of her panties... a welcoming kiss on the lips from a woman you're not related to or in love with. Damn, I made like 5 spelling errors in that sentence when I first wote it.

Maybe those thrills aren't as cheap as I'd thought.

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