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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Never you mind that President Obama won by about the same margin!

I'm reading all sorts of advance predictions of what will happen in the days and months after the Republicans gain overwhelming control of the House, mostly in the NYT. And also advance reasons for its happening.

One prediction I haven't seen, that I'll make here is that dozens, or more, of the races will be won by Rs by less than 5% of the vote at which point partisan D's, which is to say, people like me, will claim it doesn't mean that the country is overwhelmingly upset with us or Pro-Republican, but in fact, it is a squeaking edge, and possibly, someone will add up all the votes cast and see that the overall total actually bears that out...unless we need to twist those numbers to even better advantage, as needed!

One more prediction - if the Senate ends up at 50-50 or 51-49, the two most powerful people in the Senate will be Two Guys Named Joe: Manchin and Lieberman, both of whom will be heavily coddled by both sides for every close vote.

Interesting that the Senate could end up with more Rs than Ds but that the Ds will retain control because the two Independents caucus with the Ds. I think most people will see Lieberman continuing to straddle the middle, but if he really wants to be reelected in 4 years, which I'm not sure he does, he'll go farther left, than right.

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