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Thursday, January 20, 2011

So, I guess I'll just let things go at their own pace after all

I can remember with some shame that when I was a teenager, I sort of looked forward to the older generation dying off, since they represented so much that was wrong with the world. The "establishment" as we hippie-types called it. The racist, corporate, staid, stuck in their ways old white guys who would never be seen outside their house without a white shirt and tie and leather shoes, and presumably pants as well. I was sure that once they were gone, all us open-minded, progressive-thinking, tolerant kids would change the world completely for the better.

And now that I'm of that same age that I scorned and now that I represent the racist, corporate, staid, stuck in their ways old white guys, well, I pretty much still feel that way.

Thing is though, if we good guys grew up to be the bad guys, then why bother rooting for us old guys to go?


  1. I don't think good guys always grow up to be bad guys. I think bad guys generally grow up and remain bad, and I wish they would not repopulate the world with more bad guys, ensuring that the cycle continues.
    Obviously I've thought about the whole "dying out" thing. I think if the world were filled with people like you, your family, and most of the people you choose to surround yourself with, the world would be a much more beautiful, sane, healthy, and enjoyable place.
    Maybe good guys just grow up to realize that the world is so much more complex than they ever imagined, and find themselves forced to think and speak about things that many years ago just seemed more simple.
    But racist, corporate, staid, stuck in your ways old white guy, you are not.
    -Becca Jane

  2. What a wise person that Becca Jane is!