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Thursday, December 1, 2011

First Day of Christmas: Favorite Local Non-Profit

I'm glad this was the first one on Barbara's list, because it was easy for me to answer and helped inspire me to try to keep up with her. My #1 sort of doesn't count, since it isn't exactly Christmas related, so I'll list a few:

1 - West Chester Friends School

I have to list them first, both because it's true, and because I'm the (unlikely) President of their Board of Directors, a position I take very seriously and am trying to give as much time to as possible without infringing on family responsibilities which are primary, or work, which leads me to:

2 - North American Land Trust

Probably should be #1 since they are my employer and a really great organization that every single employee is extremely proud to be a part of. We 11 employees have been here together for so long and work so well together that (cliche alert) we really do feel like family. And yeah, that means we piss each other off on occasion, but also have a great deal of love and respect for each other.

3 - Downingtown Friends Meeting

Where I've been going to Quaker Meeting since I was 2 months old, according to my Mom's journal (she made me a copy - I didn't peek - honest!) and also an incredible loving group of people that I am fortunate to be able to have as F/friends. I often find myself guilty of putting the members and attenders on a pedestal, which I enjoy, even if it means they disappoint me sometimes.

4 - Lords Pantry

OK, now this is probably more along the lines of what Barb was referring to. This is an incredible group of local hard-working volunteers trying to keep up with the overwhelming need to feed the hundreds, if not thousands, of hungry families in one of the wealthiest counties in the country, and maybe the world.

Your turn - even if you aren't local to Chester County. Which are your faves local to you?

1 comment:

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this, Jamie! I grew up in Chester County in Charlestown Township. However, I don't know much about the West Chester and Downingtown area.

    I do need to do more about supporting our local food pantry. Our parish collects food monthly, however, I could make it a family project to help my kids understand how fortunate they are, especially in the current economy.