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Thursday, December 8, 2011

5th Day Of Christmas: New Traditions for your Family

Hmmm...not sure what this one means, whether it means new traditions we've recently started, are going to start this yer or want to start. But that's cool, that means I can make it mean whatever I want it to mean.

And I'm still kind of stumped. I guess we're kind of stick-in-the-muds. On the other hand, how can you have a new tradition? I remember coming up with a pair of linked personal mottos back as far as high school or college...and that is pretty far back...: Try anything once. Do anything twice and it's a tradition.

So, things we've recently done twice...CHERYL?!

Ah - here's one we've done the previous two years. We had gotten our Christmas tree every year at a place near Parkesburg with a little train you ride out to where the trees are and then search around until you find one, then you cut it down and drag it back to the train to take you back. It was expensive and the selection seemed to wane. So we started going to a new place near Paul and Suma's that we've been pretty happy with. There's no train, but there is free beer! Now that's a fun new tradition!

Oh yeah, and free hot chocolate for the kids. We haven't asked them whether they prefer the train or the hot chocolate, nor I suppose do we intend to.

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