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Friday, November 14, 2014

Love/Hate relationships

My Republican Christian homophobic friends defend their hate by arguing that they have nothing against “those people”, and in fact, they love them. Their favorite phrase is “I love the sinner, but I hate the sin.”

It suddenly struck me today that I feel the same way about my Republican friends. I love them, but hate their policies that, in my mind are responsible for virtually every ill facing this country right now.

That said, given human nature, for all the frustrations inherent with a two-party system and the fights over filibusters and holds and cloture and bills that only pass the House but not the Senate and vetoes of bills that have passed both, I still think we have a great system of government, if only because of the human nature that results in overreach and corruption that comes with absolute power, both of which inevitably occur anytime and every time one party has a huge advantage in government at any level.

So I guess when it comes to our government, I also love the sinners but hate their sins.


  1. Jamie....I saw in your letter to the editor how you list in Obamas "economic" accomplishments the reduction in the price of oil....could you please expand on that a little for me? What specifically did he do to lower the price of oil world wide...its an amazing feat and I just wanted to know how he did it...anxiously awaiting your reply

  2. you do know that your letters are a joke don't you? you didn't answer my simple can'
    t defend ANYTHING you write....we see through you's all smoke an's a simple credit him with a lower oil the Daily tell me what he did? If you can't you should stop writing jibberish in the's a waste of paper and Al Gore would not like that