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Of Politics, Sports and Sex

OK, so there won't be a LOT on here about sex, but tell the truth, that's most of the reason you entered this site, right? So, I'll slip some things in from time to time just to keep you coming...back.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

At least she didn't call her team The Bronx Zooeys

Yet another reason I have a big-boy crush on Zooey Deschannel:

"The star of the sitcom "New Girl" manages her own fantasy baseball team.. According to her twitter account, her team name is the "Burbank Puppies." She admits not being die-hard, but they did manage to beat at least one other team last season."

Friday, March 23, 2012

Vacation Got a Ghetto Way!

I wonder what people who are used to living in a ghetto way think is the best kind of getaway?

OK, it's not all that funny, I just got a kick out of the two words/phrases sounding so much alike. And I stopped before I tried to work ghetto A or even get a weigh into it somehow, so you can thank me for that. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Not to mention the free $200 JUST for passing Go!

Some people think that "society as we know it" (which is to say, back in the 50's when it was great to be a middle-aged white guy) started to fall apart when Rock and Roll was introduced. Some go back to FDR's New Deal. Some point to welfare and LBJ's Great Society.

Me? I think it started when Monopoly introduced a card that allowed the bearer to keep the $200 from "Bank Error in your Favor" and not require you to do the right thing by going to the bank to report it.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

What the heck, I never read my own blog anyway

Yet another in a long list of Huffington Post headlines I wish I'd never read:

WATCH: Pat Robertson Discusses Oral Sex

OK, now tell the truth, did you see that and think to yourself, "Now this I gotta see!" and did you click on the headline thinking it was a link to the story? If so, please promise me you will never read my blog again, and make some excuse as to why our friendship needs to end as soon as possible.
Well, either that or find a sex therapist and immediately book weekly appointments.
But then, hmm, since my readership is low enough, and one can never have enough friends, spoiler alert: He said it's OK if you're married.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

But you'll need to remind me when I get to that age because I probably won't remember this or anything else, for that matter, by then

An update to the post I made a few weeks ago involving advice to married men on sex: I got a few good responses, one of them from long-time family friend Nancy A. - one of my mom's best friends, and you can see it attached to the original post somewhere down below. It was very validating. It also reminded me how much my mom would have loved to read it and anything on here...not that I would have wanted to talk with her about some of the posts - ick!

Another great response sent directly to my email was from my wife, who also pretty much agreed with what I'd written, but once she was finished writing me 3 paragraphs on it, added as a PS: "And I meant to tell you that I'm seeing a trend in your blog posts:  They all seem to involve (in some way) short skirts, long legs and high heels.  Or is it just me? ;-)"

So I wrote back and asked if I should scale back such references, to which she replied: "Na, don't let up on the short skirts.  But one down side to getting older- you may get the reputation as a d.o.m.  (dirty old man...) "

Wow, what a concept, but yeah, I can see what she means. I'd posted a link to my blog on facebook after I'd written that particular post, something I try not to do too often, not wanting to be seen as an unQuakerly self-promoter. and when I checked this site soon thereafter, I saw the location of one particular reader being in a place where I am 90% sure it was a very attractive young female teen from Meeting, who might have seen my link of Facebook and I wondered what might have gone through her head as she read it...or started to, before she got too revulsed by its directness about old married folks in their 40's and 50's having sex.

And I wondered - exactly what is the cutoff after which one becomes a "d.o.m."? Is there an age where we old dudes are no longer allowed to think about, or worse, talk or write about such things? Or is it age-relative? Are we all only allowed to write about women within a 10 year radius of our current age?

But then there must be a cutoff, so that when we get to a certain advanced age, let's say age 70, when the idea of sex becomes unacceptable in any thought/discussion/essay/post.

Steel Cage Match of Quaker Values: Where does strict adherence to the Peace Testimony rank?

Sometimes I wonder which of my Quaker values is strongest and sometimes I find out that it might be best if I don't know.

Trev informed me the other night that he needed to buy some little plastic soldiers for a diorama he was making for school, something to do with the Revolutionary War, and that he had been told they could be found at CVS.

I proclaimed to all who would listen, which pretty consisted of Trev and Cheryl, that I as The Dad, knew they would be far more likely found at Toys R Us, so I stopped there on the way home from work last night. After looking high and low, and believe me, at that store there are plenty of highs and lows to look at, and not finding any small diorama-worthy soldiers, I asked a cute stockgirl and she pointed me to the one place they had them. Thanking her, I picked them up, a veritable Tub O' Soldiers, priced at $19.99. Twenty bucks for a homework assignment!

As I walked to the checkout counter, tub in hand, I started to think more about just it was I was doing. An outrage, I declared to all who were listening, well, in my head. An outrage that my Quaker child was being forced to buy soldiers, glorifying the military and so much that we Friends oppose. This sort of thing just lends credence to the idea that violence is the solution to all problems and that guns are an acceptable part of our public education. And besides, the soldiers looked to be too big and cost too damn much, dammit.

I decided that when I got home, I'd suggest to Trev, that instead of displaying the soldiers, that he place little crosses instead, showing the ugliness of war, that the mainstream media rarely reports on anymore.

On my way home, I thought I'd just stop in at the CVS, to make sure they didn't have them, and maybe to prove to all who might listen again that The Dad Knows Best, but alas, not only did they have them and not only were they a more appropriate size, but they only cost $3.29!

$3.29 - hmm, not so bad. What's a few soldiers on an innocent historical diorama. That's fine - I'll take 'em.