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OK, so there won't be a LOT on here about sex, but tell the truth, that's most of the reason you entered this site, right? So, I'll slip some things in from time to time just to keep you coming...back.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Blogged down in deep thought

In some ways, it's disappointing that more people aren't hanging on my every blog post, eager to check in every day...or week, to see what I have or haven't found worthy of a post, but even more so, it's a little daunting that a handful of you get these as daily emails. I imagine they are somewhat like the daily, or worse, Facebook status updates you get from some people you consistently wonder why you agreed to be their friend, since their updates and Farmville requests consistently annoy you...but about very 37th post, they say or write something that makes you think, "Oh, right, OK, that was vaguely cute. I'll keep you on a little bit longer."

The other thing I was thinking in terms of this blog, is that I really should post something besides my things like my ruminations on the many uses, or lack thereof, of the word "disabuse", and instead tell stories from my past, like the baseball "discussion" I had with Richard Nixon or even the many Presidents I've seen in person from further than a handshake away, or the time I snuck into the Fenway Park locker room and was dimed out by Bob Uecker, or my 4871 mile bike trip, or when I gave the now wife of the head of the Federal Reserve a ride in my beat up VW bug from West Philly to City Hall, or played racquetball with a Pulitzer Prize winner or watched a full period of hockey sitting alone with Gordie Howe or are they just the kinds of stories people tell that you listen to, the whole time wondering why the person could possibly think you had the least interest in hearing it?

So, yeah, sometimes I think about those things too, not just the word disabuse.

But whatever you do, make sure not to stand pat.

And of equal importance to the post below, which probably reflects how much time I have to think about things besides the things I probably should be thinking about...

If something upsets you so much, that you say "I am NOT going to take this lying down", are you more or less upset if you "just won't stand for it!"?

And if there is a continuum, so that if you're not quite as upset as the most upset you can be, but not as upset as the other example above, I believe you must, for the sake of clarity, be required to exclaim that you will neither take it lying down nor will you stand for it, but perhaps it would be okay if you sat for it, dammit!

Disabuse has got to stop!

Have you ever been disabused of a notion? Has anyone ever been disabused of anything besides a notion?

If I abused drugs in my teens, but stopped, am I now disabusing them?

That's all I got.

I'll bet the same woman is wondering why her free laptop she was to get for clicking on the ads hasn't arrived

This is just too bizarre a story to ignore just on its own, and as usual, for better or worse, I have another take on it.

This is from a story in today's NYT: :

Mystery of Big Data’s Parallel Universe Brings Fear, and a Thrill


Not long ago, a woman in Tacoma, Wash., received a suggestion from Facebook that she “friend” another woman. She didn’t know the other woman, but she followed through, innocently laying our cookie-crumb trails through cyberspace, only to get a surprise.

On the other woman’s profile page was a wedding picture — of her and the first woman’s husband, now exposed for all the cyberworld to see as a bigamist.

OK, now go back and read that again...though I know you already did read it a few times to see if it said exactly what you thought is said...which it, incredibly, did.

Here's my thought: I think the same kind of person who would friend someone just because Facebook recommended it is the same kind of person who would not figure out that their spouse was also married to someone else.