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Friday, February 1, 2013

From, this morning:

1.Private sector hiring is up:

Since President Barack Obama took office in January 2009, we've gained 1.9 million private sector jobs. And since we hit bottom in February 2010, we've gained 6.1 million. Under President George W. Bush, we lost 685,000 private sector jobs.

2.Government employment is down:

Since January 2009, we've lost 606,000 public sector jobs. Since February 2010, we've lost 719,000. Under Bush, we gained 1.7 million public sector jobs.

3.The stock market is up:

When President Obama took office, the Dow was at 7,949. As of 10:00 AM EST Friday, it was at 13,967—an increase of 75 percent. Under Bush, the Dow fell from 10,578 to 7,949, a decrease of 25 percent.

You know, after looking at those numbers, I'm starting to think that the biggest threat to America's economy has nothing to with Comrade Obama's secret plan to have the government take over the entire economy. Instead, the real danger is the GOP's insistence that we embark on even more austerity, shrinking the public sector even smaller—and putting even more people out of work.

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