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Friday, September 5, 2014

Even less time tonight than yesterday, so I real quickie here. It se...

I actually started this post almost 8 months ago, and it turns out I wasn't kidding. I didn't even have time to get through the 2nd sentence!

But incredibly, I still remember what I was going to say.

It se...ems to me that ever since he took the job, where we progressives have been wanting Obama to move Fast-Forward, and conservatives have been wanting him to move in Reverse, his approach from day one has been to simply move at the speed of Play.

And in the end, or at least 5+ years into his 8 year Presidency, the economy has continued to improve from where we had been losing nearly 800,000 jobs a month and are now disappointed, like this morning, when we gain less than 200,000/month; we have national health care; gays have the right to marry in a growing number of states (and, I predict by the end of his second term, the Supreme Court will be forced against their preference to admit that discriminating against gays is in fact illegal and will give them equal marriage rights); and marijuana is becoming more and more legalized, for better or worse.

I can get used to Play...and I sure hope he doesn't Stop.


  1. still don't get it do you. The economy is one big bubble...from printing money, trillions of dollars of money. Did you see the almost 200 point rise in the DOW on Friday? Do you know why it happened? Because Japan surprised the world....their economy is so bad they are going to do what we did...print money, quantitative easing is the code sure the market will continue to rise as long as the punch bowl is on the table...they are not fools on Wall Street they will take advantage of the misguided "stimulus" we will party on...the Dow will rise, folks like you who don't want to dig deeper will say its a great economy...they the bubble pop of all bubble pops will happen...and I will write a letter to the editor, probably mention you....and say..I TOLD YOU SO...Jamie, forget the unemployment number, it has no meaning...when over 40 million people drop out of the workforce they are no longer counted in the number so the percentage drops...that doesn't mean the economy is good it means it is weak, bad.....check the labor participation numbers Jamie....that's the real measure of how well we are doing. And stop talking about the market...your analysis is superficial, we are in a government induced bubble, just like the housing ends badly.....AJ Oleck