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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Are you listening Harry? Nancy? BARACK?!

This just in from the

Dems jump ahead in new poll
Tue Jul 20, 2010 at 09:06:03 AM PDT

Democrats have taken a significant lead over Republicans in the latest congressional Gallup Poll:

Democrats pulled ahead of Republicans, 49% to 43%, in voters' generic ballot preferences for the 2010 congressional elections. The Democrats' six-point advantage in Gallup Daily interviewing from July 12-18 represents the first statistically significant lead for that party's candidates since Gallup began weekly tracking of this measure in March.

It's just one poll, but it's a big jump and it makes sense in light of last week's events. In a strong economy, conservative scapegoating of the millions of Americans laid-off might work. But with record, long term unemployment, most voters know someone whose job prospects and finances are desperate to grim. In that environment, protecting the Bush's tax cuts for the super-wealthy and obstructing critical unemployment benefits for the desperate just might be coming home to roost for the GOP. Not to mention, conservatives lecturing the nation about debt is like Bristol Palin lecturing nuns about birth control.

Let's see, when is the last time we saw a significant jump in the ratings of Dems? How about when they/we passed the health care reform bill. So when Dems lead by passing Democrat-inspired legislation, the overall approval of the Dems from the country is remarkably positive!

Stop giving in to the Rs on everything you alleged leaders of the party. Get moving on the things we believe in and for which we voted you into power (!) for either of two reasons - take your pick:

1 - You only have so much time before November when you will lose the majority or certainly the current extent of the majority in the House and Senate you now hold,
2 - If you keep pushing these things through, maybe you'll actually hold or extend your levels of strength in the corridors of power.

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