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Monday, July 19, 2010

Evangelicals once again realizing they may have (should have) more in common with us Ds than with them Rs

Instead of copying and pasting this entire story, I'll just add the link here and say that the last time I read an article like this was in reference to the environment and solidarity with then-candidate Obama on the part of young middle american evangelicals who felt the old guard church leaders were out of step with reality, at least in this case in terms of protecting the enviroment. That was the first time I thought Obama had a real chance to win the election.

This article makes me think legitimate immigration reform may have an actually chance of happening. I'll write more about this when I have time, hopefully later this week.

Here's an excerpt: "“My message to Republican leaders,” said the Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, the president of the evangelical National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference and one of the leaders who engaged his non-Hispanic peers, “is if you’re anti-immigration reform, you’re anti-Latino, and if you’re anti-Latino, you are anti-Christian church in America, and you are anti-evangelical.”

About 70 percent of Hispanics in the United States are Catholic, but some 15 percent are evangelicals, and they are far more likely than the Catholics to identify themselves as conservative and Republican."

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