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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Today's conclusion and over-simplification: Those on the Right think Government is the problem. Those of us primarily to the Left think the corporations who are most responsible for who gets elected and make the laws that primarily benefit those same corporations are the bigger problem.

And to further the point, it's my sense that there are some who like to just rail at the government without looking a little deeper as to why our politicians continually disappoint us, and I don't mean in the David Vitter/John Ensign/Anthony ...Weiner sense. I mean the laws, whether it be in terms of Obamacare, the weak finance reform bills, the weakening of the environmental laws, the strengthening of Big Oil and Wall Street and the banking industry, can all be linked back to who put the people in office who approved those sorry bills - the corporations. And as you can guess, it's my sense that it's primarily republicans and those who vote for them that enable such governmental disasters. It consistently feels like it's corporations first, people second, all based on the fallacy that we need to prop up the super rich who control those corporation so they'll create jobs...which worked far better when Clinton was in office than when Bush and his team were abusing the country so consistently.

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