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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Melting from a day at the beach with Emma even though I'm 500 miles away

I got one of the most meaningful phone calls of my life at lunch this morning. It was from Emma, who is with Trev and Cheryl down at the McKenna's place on the ocean in North Carolina for 5 days, while I am left here at home and at work. When I saw on my phone that it was from Cheryl's phone, I answered the call by saying "I was just thinking about you!"

But instead of the call being from Cheryl, it was from Emma who said in her sweet little 8-year old girl voice, "I was thinking about you too, Dad, and how much I wish you were here with us, because you are the one who carries me out into the water and holds me and we ride up and down on the waves together and I wish you were here with me to do that!"

Oh, melt!

What means the most to me, well, a few of the things that mean so much to me are:
1 - That she remembers that and values it. I remember when we did it last time, at Asbury Park I think, I wondered if it was something she'd remember and associate with me when she grew up. You just never know what experiences you've had with your kids that will make an impact and a lasting memory. But as much as that means to me, maybe even more so it impresses me that...
2 - She recognizes that at such an early age and was able to verbalize it and feel comfortable telling me. I think that is probably a gift, that ability to value something like that that has no price tag and express it so easily, a gift that shouldn't be overlooked or taken for granted.

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