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OK, so there won't be a LOT on here about sex, but tell the truth, that's most of the reason you entered this site, right? So, I'll slip some things in from time to time just to keep you coming...back.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My fear about their "Huddle Up Question at the end is that sons would say, "Yeah, why? What have you found?!"

As I believe I've written in the past, I get a daily email, weekdays only, from a group called All-Pro Dads and frequently find it helpful. Today's email regarding porn raised more questions for me than it answered. My comments below in red:
Porn: A Much Bigger Problem Than You Think

Did you know?
• 25 percent of all search engine requests are pornography related. I seriously doubt it's that high.

• For every 10 men in church, 5 are struggling with pornography. You'd think the men could at least wait until the services were over!

• Median age for the first use of pornography for children is 12 years old. That means that for every kid who doesn't see it until age 14, there is a 10 year old. That said, I'll still bet the age is actually lower, if only because of older brothers showing it to their younger brothers. But how would "they" even know this?!

• U.S. porn revenue exceeds the combined revenues of ABC, CBS, and NBC (6.2 billion). Have they measured the amount of porn on those networks?  Start with any given reality show, but don't stop with the morning soap operas...or the hundreds of people killed each week on TV, which upsets me as much as any of what these sources probably count as internet porn.

Porn revenue is larger than all combined revenues of all professional football, baseball, and basketball franchises. (sources)  Again, probably not including the jiggly sideline cheerleaders. But again, I have a, excuse the expression, hard time believing this.

Comment on Today's Play of the Day.

Today's Huddle Up Question

Huddle up with your teenage son tonight and ask: Have you ever been exposed to pornography? Hmmm...interesting choice of words. My guess is that if they've seen porn, they've probably exposed themselves to it.

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