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Thursday, March 3, 2011

As for me, life couldn't be on a more even course and that I do know is very, very good

Seems like there are an awful lot of tumultous events going on in the world right now - the protests about union-busting in Wisconsin among other states, pale in comparison to what has already happened in Tunisia and Egypt and are ongoing in Libya, Yemen, Iran, Bahrain and possibly other countries, including Jordan, tho unfortunately not Saudi Arabia or North Korea.

But what strikes me is how much tumult there is in the lives of many of my friends as well right now, and similarly, it's tough to tell in some cases whether the tumult is for the better or worse. Many involve couples who are either divorcing or are going through marital challenges: Jim & Stephanie, Erika and Greg, Kim and John, Gina and Louis. I can't remember a time when so many of my friends where going through such things.

But on the other side, just in the past few weeks, both Laurie and Kate and now Jim too have recently expressed that they feel like they are in the process of turning their lives around - making good, productive, energizing decisions about the way their lives are going. It seems like they're saying they're tired of taking what life gives them and they are going to take more control of which direction it goes more so than ever before. And in each case, it's so exciting to see, either close up or from afar.

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  1. Wow, I thought today's Phillies Home Opener entry was my first mention, but as always happens when I read one of your entries, it prompts me to go back and try to catch up on old ones...sure wish I'd remember to check here more often. If you had "Like" buttons such as Facebook has, I'd be "Liking" all of these- they're so great. Anyway, I'm proud to be mentioned in this one, and will use it as extra incentive to make sure I continue on that positive track!