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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sure, there are parallels, but only in the sense that two parallel lines never come into contact with each other

I took some unfortunate pride in seeing the parallels between Charlie Sheen and Mohamar Qaddafi and how out of touch they both seem to be before I saw/heard others do the same. But now I'm going to go another direction, which is to say how completely different their relative relations with sanity are.

I am trying hard not to know much about Charlie Sheen's antics involving hookers, cocaine, wild parties, and declaring himself The Winner, but just from reading the first half of this sentence, it's clear I have a pretty general sense of how he's doing.

And it's my conclusion that as opposed to the murderous despot in Libya who is so out of touch with reality, it strikes me that Mr. Sheen may be way more right than those of us who have judged him as oh-so-wrong.

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