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Friday, March 4, 2011

Though I do still have a hard time admitting the American League is better than the National League

When I was in high school, I took a lot of pride in being open-minded and swore to myself that as I grew older, I would fight the natural tendency to grow more close-minded, as I had seen from the adults around me.

Now, that I am middle-aged, if by middle-aged, I mean that I expect to live to be 108, I actually think I am even more open minded than I was as a teen and in my 20's.

There are many things I have opened my mind to, including such things as holistic medicine, and the kinds of unexplained phenomenon that go with it, with Reiki the most obvious example, but not limited to that. I am also far more accepting of homosexuality than I remember being back then, although, according to a journal entry from when I was in college that i recently read , that was a path that started with a trip to San Francisco to visit my sister Sherry in 1978, when I hung out with some of her gay friends.

I wonder if that is another of the ways the brains of conservatives and progressives develop differently.

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