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Friday, March 25, 2011

We used to call it NFSOH, but we didn't really think it was true!

I have heard two people in the last month or so describe themselves as not having a very good sense of humor. I was totally rocked by this. I guess I'm not surprised at the idea that someone could not have a sense of humor but that they would not only realize it, but admit it.

It has always seemed like a choice to me. If you aren't making jokes or laughing at other people's jokes, it has always seemed like a personality disorder, only by choice, not genetics. But these people seem to be suggesting that that they aren't able to make jokes or laugh as easily when someone says something funny.

How can you not have a sense of humor? It's too easy a comparison, but it's like saying you have no sense of touch or smell. You have to have a sense of humor. It isn't a matter of being a good or bad sense - you just have it. OK, some are funnier than others, I guess, but I don't think of myself as any funnier than most other people I know.

That said, come to think of it, Cheryl and I did go out to dinner the other night with some folks, the husband of which barely smiled the whole night. He seemed to try a few times, but it didn't seem to come easily to him. I wonder if he knows that he doesn't smile or laugh as much as other folks. I kind of have always felt uneasy around people who don't laugh. So maybe that means I'm the one with the personality disorder after all.

Sometimes I wish it wasn't always all about me.

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