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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

At least it beats having to hold down the Rush Limbaugh float

Doesn't President Obama have more important things to do on Thanksgiving than to hold down the Chris Christie float before the start of the Macy's Parade?

Of course, if the starters all just pitch shutouts and hit solo homers, that addresses all issues

A thought I had driving in to work this morning…I was glad the NL won the all star game, in case the Phils get to the World Series, primarily because it would keep David Ortiz on the bench (and the Phils don’t have a good DH candidate). Aside from the fact that it’s far less likely that Ortiz will make it that far, given the Red Sox delicious collapse, I realized that it will kind of hurt the Ps too. They need their starters to go as far as possible, given the state of their bullpen, but considering all the 1-1 games they’re likely to be in, or 1-2 and 1-3 games, they’ll have to take their SPs out earlier for pinch hitters where they won’t in games in AL parks.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Even more amazingly, I love all the sequels too!

Some people, incredibly to me, like to read the last few pages of a book to find out how things are going to turn out before they go back to start at the beginning. That concept is to me even more perplexing than voting Republican.

That said, there is one story that I already know the ending to, but still love watching the story unfold right from the start.

And that is, of course, the Eagles football season.

But hey - we gave them some free desert land to farm, what's the prablem?!

Not entirely sure why I thought of this this morning, but I wonder what Native American Indians think when they have heard their whole lives to get over the genocide their people endured over the 500 years since we white folks first settled here, but when we lose a tiny fraction of our population on September 11, 2001, the rallying cry is "We will never forget!".

So, OK, I got it. I'm appreciative. Now snap the hell out of it.

Watching the Phillies this past week, or more honestly, not watching them, but hearing about their 7 straight losses, OK, I watched a little, reminds me of how fortunate we Phans are to be following such an amazing team. And even more so, it reminds me of the first 50 years of my life, when they generally stunk, and a 7-game losing sreak was sort of the norm.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Vampires and Zombies just don't fascinate me. Makes me wonder if I am one.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'll look at life from both sides now, but in a different way than Troy Davis is about to

Two sides to this race issue. Without knowing many, ok, any, of the facts of this controversial case, I'll bet one of the main reasons this man:

is scheduled to die in a few hours is because he is black.

And further, I'm even more certain that the main reason so many white folks are so upset about this is because he looks so intelligent, and not like the "typical" inner-city ghetto black kid. Same with Mustafa Abu-Jamal, or whatever his name is.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Regrets...I have a, in second thought, actually, I don't really have any

I was thinking driving home last night how I wish Cheryl and I had been married since we were in our 20's, like for the past 30 years or so, and we would have had so much more time together, and we would know each other even better than we already do. But then I thought of all the fun times I had before I met Cheryl and decided that I like it just the way it happened.

Of course, that makes it seem like there were only rollicking bachelor-life good times, when, believe me, those fun times were more than balanced out by all the lonely and bad times, tho I have to force myself to remember them. I mostly just remember the fun stuff.  But still, I do wish we'd been together much longer somehow. I guess another way to say it is that I sure look forward to the next 30+ years of being with her.

And as Cheryl likes to say, she doesn't regret anything that happened in her "previous life...lives" having been married twice before, because not only did it help make her the person she is today, but, as I like to remind her, being married before also gave her two awesome kids.

Monday, September 19, 2011

That's OK though really, I have all the sperm I needed anyway, thanks.

I feel or something! From The Telegraph in London:

Redheads Turned Down By Sperm Bank

"The largest sperm bank in the world is saying no thanks to potential redheaded sperm donors.Cryos International sperm bank has started to turn down redheaded applicants because of a lack of demand, The Telegraph reports.

 The Atlantic wonders if the lack of demand could be because of the teasing redheaded children sometimes have to put up with. HuffPost reporter Katherine Bindley blogs that being a redhead is a love-hate relationship, and points out how negative feelings towards redheads is a prejudice "that dates back, globally, at least to ancient Egypt and personally, to approximately the time I started forming memories." The Atlantic also notes that the New York Times published an article about redheads being more sensitive to physical pain."

Ah, but the emotional pain is what really hits me, I feel like I'm wait. More details emerge:

"Ole Schou, Cryos's director, said that there had been a surge (A Surge?! Oh...ah!) in donations in recent years, allowing the facility to become much more picky about its donors.

"There are too many redheads in relation to demand," he told told Danish newspaper Ekstrabladet."

Now I just feel like a commodity, like so many grapes...or strawberries, as it were.

"Mr Schou said the only reliable demand for sperm from redheaded donors from Ireland, where he said it sold “like hot cakes”."

Oh, the Irish - we're such a reliable people. OK so then, I'm not selling like strawberries, but freaking pancakes. Potato pancakes, maybe?

"Cryos’s stores have now reached their peak capacity of 70 litres of semen."

OK, eiuw. Now I'm just sorry I brought the whole thing up, and truth be told there is only a small percentage of folks who even know I ever was a redhead, well, except those who've seen me in the altogether, which is an even smaller number than the people who ever remember when I had red head hair up on top anyway.

But let's just keep away from comparing sizes of anything, thanks.

Friday, September 16, 2011

But it's so topsy-turvy!

Your quiz today: Under whose Presidency, GW Bush, or President Obama, did private sector jobs increase (over 1.2 million) while government jobs decreased (by almost 600,000)? And under whose did government jobs increase (by over 1.7 million!), while we lost private sector jobs (653,000). You sure won't see this covered in the conservative mainstream press, now will you?

Here's the direct link form Daily Kos: John Boehner's tired old jobs rhetoric collides with reality

Here are the facts:

So during the Bush presidency, the private sector lost jobs while the public sector gained jobs. And since the end of the recession (as determined by the National Bureau of Economic Research), the private sector has gained jobs while the public sector lost jobs.

Paging all Charlies from Oxford! Step forward, sir, and identify yourself!

I find it ironic that just a few weeks after the Daily Local News did a week-long series on bullying, for which it will no doubt win industry awards, they allowed this to get into print after a letter I'd written appeared in the paper:

"In reference to Tuesday, September 6, editorial page, (sic) once again as in numerous times before, a letter to the editor written by Jamie McVickar. (sic) I resent his anti-American comments and his slurs on Republicans and especially conservative Republicans. As a conservative Republican, I would challenge McVickar to stand up and be a man and make his comments to my face. I doubt he has got the guts to do that. he hides behind his pen and paper as most cowards do."

 - Charlie of Oxford

What a tough guy. Challenging me without letting me know how to get in touch with him. Probably as tough as the Rush Limbaugh, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld chickenhawks who like sending our kids to war when they have never been there themselves. If I could get in touch with him, I would...and I'd challenge him ight have lunch with me sometime.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I want a quiz like this every day!

This is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen on Facebook. It was a status posted by the amazing Jill whose blog "A Day in the Life of a Sexologist" is posted in the upper right hand corner of this blog...and who I think is going to become incredibly successful, famous and wealthy sometime in the next 12 months.

First I'll post her question and all the 30+ responses, and then add my thoughts at the bottom:

Jill At Feminique

Tyler and I are having a debate: what is more intimate- tittie fucking or kissing? If you and your partner broke up for one night and got back together, would you be more upset to learn they kissed someone else, or tittie fucked someone else? Weigh in with your opinion.

Marj Pike Hatzell kissing. I could care less about tittie fucking, honestly.

Kelly Noblitt Grube Kissed. Hands down.

Kayla Chenoweth How is titty fucking intimate

Michelle Durcholz Lemon Kissing

Jill At Feminique Follow up question: can there ever be a random meaningless kiss or is kissing necessarily intimate?

Lauren Reinhart I'd be more pissed about the titty fucking, especially if they came.

Kayla Chenoweth I think men should start commenting on this status. Clearly women are more prone to be pissed about kissing (with the exception of Miss Lauren Reinhart). I'm interested in seeing the dudes' comments

Doug Knepp kissing is more intimate ... you kiss from your soul

Lauren Reinhart I'm a Mrs, actually :D

Kelly Noblitt Grube Yes, there can be a random meaningless kiss. But when compared to tittie fucking or even fucking someone else.....i'd rather my partner do that vs kiss someone else.

Carra Sponheimer Intimate..

Doug Knepp I could tittie fuck any woman ... its just the means to the end .. I have met many women that I would never share a kiss with

Kelly Noblitt Grube Exactly Doug!

Doug Knepp that said ... the woman I am sharing a bed with should expect more than a kiss

Kelly Noblitt Grube TBH.....a carnal affair I could forgive so much easier than an emotional one.

Carra Sponheimer If it involved fucking then I would pist ..

Tom Burke Kissing could be a moment of weakness. Otherwise, both are naked and a lot more thought went into it... lots of chances to change minds. I'd be less upset about the kissing.

Dan Yarnall Tittie fuck

Lyndsay Mercier I think I can see both as being intimate...kissing is definitely intimate, but it's possible to just have a meaningless peck or a drunken kiss at a bar or something that would have zero emotion. Titty-f'ing isn't filled with romance obviously, but it does involve being at least partly nude together, being alone with lustful intentions, and probably an orgasm which I think I would be pretty upset about. I don't like either of I guess I'm just the jealous type!

Kelly Noblitt Grube I find it interesting that the guys are going with tittie fuck. Is it b/c of the "marking of territory" by another male to put it crudely? Or is it something else?

Robin Owens I did not have sexual relations with that woman....( in my Bill Clinton voice) tittie fucking big NO!!!

Jamie P. McVickar Perhaps you should define what you mean by intimate, Jill. It may be that men and women would define that word differently. It fascinates me though that women here by and large, so to speak, (bi and large?) would be more upset bytheir guy kissing than TF-ing another woman.

Rich Yarnall If you brake up you are giving up your rights and anything can be intimidating if you still have feelings.. Both can be meaningless but you learn so much more about a person when you kiss them

Barry Rabin If my wife did either with another woman, I'd at least expect her to bring back the video! :)

Christopher M Schultz I think that kissing is way more intimate, I think tittie fucking is pointless unless she is licking/sucking the tip. So which is worse would depend on the level of skill involved. Either way can you truly be mad if you seriously broke up with him and then got back together.

Allison Conway At first I was going to say kissing, but then I read Tom's comment and it made me remember when my ex cheated on me. It wasn't the cheating that made me the most upset, it was the idea that every second was a chance for him to stop or change his mind but he never did. So, I think that tittie fucking is a lot more intimate because you have made the decision to go past kissing, clothes, location, etc.

Worley Turner They both bother me to the same extent. Cheating is cheating. Any kind of sexual touch with another person is cheating and id be sick about either one.

Justin-Paul Killen I think more effort goes into the tittie fucking. And it would make you wonder where the guy finished. Getting cheated on sucks no matter what. But getting naked takes it to a higher level.

Joe Bellesorte Kissing i would think of as intimate and romantic, Titty fucking is intimate on a sexual level. I would NEVER believe anyone if they told me they went out and just kissed someone for the night, no one stops at kissing on a one night encounter. If it were to happen, it would be because there is a strong emotional connection going on or somebody got uncomfortable and did not allow things to go further. Titty fucking is on the same level as sex. I don't think saying you went out and titty fucked someone makes it any better then having sex with them. That being said, i would be more upset about the TFing. I would be upset about the kissing if it was emotional, but probably not as much as the TFing. This leads me to another question, whats worse, a blowjob or titty fuck? From a man's and women' perspective. One last thing, if you break up for a night do you really want to know what happened? If you both agree to it, you also both agree to complete freedom. Otherwise whats the point if you are gonna work things out anyway? The only reason for breaking up for a night is to be allowed to see other people, and if you cant handle that then you dont do it at all or plan for a longer break up.

Katrina Miller Fallick Kissing, for me, is more affectionate then intimate. I could totally forgive one kiss. Not a big deal at all. Tittie fucking would make me sadder because, as people said, the though that went into it, and the intimacy of being naked. Also, any kind of sex seems more...intentional I guess. It would hurt my self confidence (why am I no good enough) where as a kiss is just...a kiss.

Jill At Feminique This was an interesting 2 hour discussion we had. It's all hypethetical (neither of us kissed/ tf'ed someone else) but the convo started by me saying I value kissing and place it very highly and I don't like to randomly kiss people at bars because I think kissing is special and intimate because you're face to face and you can smell their pheromones and there are two mucus membranes touching so it's more about being in one's body, which is far more invasive in my opinion that titite fucking, because breasts are just ordinary skin, plus you're not face to face. Tyler thought I was crazy that I would be more discriminate in who I would kiss than who I would tittie fuck. I think what is most illuminating about this thread is the large gender gap.

So there ya go. First of all, I want to know if a single person reading this or who has posted above ever particpated in "Tittie-fucking" without there first being kissing involved.

"Hey hey, babee. Wanna go back to my place so I can fuck your tits?"
"Hi. My name's Heather. Do you want to fuck my tits? Just as long as you don't kiss me first! You pig!" 
How would that happen exactly?
OK, so now to the gender thing. This is a perfect illustration of the difference between males and females. First of all, I think once you include the words "tittie fucking" in a sentence, the synapses in a guy's head/s go nuts, so to speak, and there is very little thought or introspection as to what the question really entails. Women see it and see only one word: "intimate". Guys only see two words: "titty" nad "fucking". And women really think it through and think about intimacy and cuddling and special moments. Guys read it and think "oh yeah, I LOVE fuckin' a chick's tits! Sign me up, babe!" So that's what they...we vote for.
But then, if you were to ask a guy to step back and agree on the definition of the word "intimate"...ok, yeah, kissing probably is. But where's the fun in that? Well, besides the pheromone and mucas exchanges and all that.

OK, actually I like kissing too...a LOT...but compared to...OK, I think I've typed out those two words as many times in one post as I can bare. (uh-oh, there go those synapses again...bare?!)

This just in...!

This post is actually kind of a test, but is also an announcement, that, if I understand it correctly, anyone can get an email anytime I post something new to this blog. I am the guinea pig for myself, having signed up to get emails at my yahoo account. If it doesn't work, I'll take this post down, but if it does, see the link at the top of the page to sign up. It looks like it works pretty quickly. Thanks in advance to any of you who do so. I've certainly had plenty of requests for this feature!

Further confusion as to whether a first round pick is a high pick or a low pick

Interesting that in their opening game over the Rams, the Eagles' top picks were benched and the the later picks played:

1st: Danny Watkins (OG) - Did not dress
2nd: Jaiquawn Jarrett (S) - Did not dress
3rd: Curtis Marsh (CB) Did not dress
4th: Casey Matthews (ILB) - Starter
4th: Alex Henery (K) - Starter
5th: Dion Lewis (RB) - Starter
(as kick returner)
5th: Julian Vandervelde (OG) - Not sure
6th: Jason Kelce (C) - Starter
6th: Brian Rolle (OLB) - 4th Linebacker

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Giving good head...lines

Some stories, all I need to do is read the headline to know I have absolutely no interest in reading any further:

Eel Swims Up Man's Penis, Has to Be Surgically Removed

(Go ahead, if you want: )

And some headlines, I only need to get about 3 words into to know, I'm gonna get my click on:

Scarlett Johansson Nude Photos May Be Fake, Are The Latest To Reportedly Leak

And just to show what a good guy I am, here are the photos to which they refer:

Or maybe I just put the link there so I always know where to find it.

And now that I've posted for the day...and looked at those pictures the words of Bert in It's a Wonderful Life, I think I'll go home and see what the wife's doin'.

Sorry to my loyal readers...OK, reader

I've been unable to get to this blog for technical reasons for many weeks now, but I'm back, babee! Thanks to our tech guru, David here at work for getting me hooked up again.

I have a goal now of writing at least one thing every day. Some may be lame, but Earregardless I'm going for it.