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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Boop boop be doop

Yesterday I sent an email to a guy who writes a column called BoopStats for the Philadephia Daily News and specializes in surprising stats and today I came across this in the paper and on their website:

Don't Come Back, Shane

Phillies and Dodgers have both fared better without Shane Victorino this season.

Posted: Wednesday, September 12, 2012, 2:58 AM

Sometimes there are numbers that we simply can't explain (but we're sure there are more than a few BoopStats readers that will be happy to explain it to us), and this is one of them.

We've always been a big Shane Victorino fan, but winning baseball just seems to have deserted him this year.

Consider that when the Phillies or Dodgers had him on their roster this season, they are a combined 63-78 (.447). Over the time Victorino was on the other team in 2012, those clubs are a combined 82-61 (.573).

In addition, loyal reader Jamie McVickar points out that the season-long numbers put up by Phillies current centerfielder John Mayberry Jr. are not too far off from the season-long numbers put up by Victorino.

A look at both of those things:


GP Avg. OBA Slg. HR RBI Runs

Victorino 137 .257 .321 .382 10 51 62

Mayberry 130 .254 .306 .425 14 41 45


With Victorino Without Victorino

Through July 29 Phillies 45-57 Dodgers 56-47

Since July 30 Dodgers 18-21 Phillies 26-14

63-78 (.447)
82-61 (.573)

Here's the original link to the story, where it looks much better than it does here:

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