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Thursday, September 13, 2012

We need to go on the offense against the defense (budget)

There was a great article in the NY times the other day by a Journalism professor of all things, explaining how the Romney/Ryan budget will impact us:

People complain that Romney hasn't said enough about what his plan actually is, but this article is a big help, showing how he'll cut things like education, food and drug inspection, workplace safety, environmental protection and law enforcement.

But my favorite thing from this is a comment at the end of the article: "If the American Friends Service Committee is correct and I trust they are, all the combined military spending amounts to spending of $2.2 million a MINUTE and accounts for 60% of the 2013 discretionary budget. No other discretionary budget category is above 6% of the discretionary budget( Health & Human Services & Education 6% each; State 5%; Other programs 4.5%; Homeland Security 4%; Housing & Urban development 3%, Agriculture 2%; Justice, NASA and Energy, 1.5% each; Labor, Treasury, Interior, EPA, Transportation, 1% each)."

I'm not a big fan of those departments for the most part either, but each time I imagine someone going in and really streamlining them and cutting out all the waste, I think about what a relative pittance it is compared to the Defense budget. Ack!

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