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Friday, September 18, 2015

Besides, I like the new title of yesterday's post much better now anyway

So, for the first time in OPSaS history, I have made substantial edits to a post - yesterday's. Cheryl didn't like it one bit - the section about Race...or maybe both parts - she didn't say anything about my perky breasts reference. Wait, maybe I could have worded that better... she didn't say anything about my reference to perky breasts.

And even though I stand by my original thought, to just make it a one sentence post doesn't do enough to explain my thinking, and it is an issue that deserves a lot more thought and depth than one sentence can contain. So, thank you, Cheryl, love of my life, for bringing that to my attention for further consideration.

At lunch today, I read this article, which I believe represents both some proof of my deleted point yesterday, as well as Cheryl's which is just the opposite:

It's a very sad article, but also very hopeful and in some ways, uplifting, showing the African-American community addressing some of their challenges from within, particularly with a "March for Peace" at 10 a.m. Monday from Mount Airy Park through Germantown (

And also from the article, is this: "At noon Monday, the International Day of Peace, he will join with the rest of the world in a minute of silence and he will pray for peace."

Count me in, though frankly, chances are that I'll be in a dentist's chair at that juncture on Monday and won't be in much position to be especially chatty anyway.

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