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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Live blogging the Flyers game, or at least I think that's what it's called

Random thoughts watching the Flyers Stanley Cup playoff game #3:

- Mike Emrick is a national treasure
- Hockey is a way better game than it was 9-20 years ago
- The officiating is much better and many of the rules are better, like the way they call interference, but some are way worse, like the way they call slashing
- The more hockey I play, the more I appreciate how great these guys are
- I can't spell the Chicago goalie's name, but it sounds an awful lot like Auntie, Knee Emma, which I hope none of my sisters do to my daughter Emma, and he looks an awful lot like a brick wall right now, with the score 3-3 and the Flyers throwing everything they have at him
- Hockey TV directors still don't know there is no need to go in tight on the players during live action or to put in the PP and PK stats during live action
- I should also add that along with Eddie Van Impe, Mike Emrick is one of the nicest people I met in 21 years of working with the Flyers.
- I just saw my buddy, Terry Lefton, in the stands. Looks like he has a front row seat. That's ok, Lefty, I had to coach Emma's soccer game tonight anyway. Sigh.
- 90 seconds left - man these guys look exhausted. Looks like OT.

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