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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

That said, neither of them have a chance in November anyway

I still haven't taken the time to write my thoughts on the PA primaries a few weeks back, but in the meantime, I'll write now, while the Arkansas primary is going on, that much of what I feel about what's going on politically in the USA on both the right and left can be summed up by my feelings about today's Arkansas primary, where President Obama and President Clinton are both campaigning for Mary Lincoln, the incumbent Senator.

I think Bill Clinton is the best President in US history, and so far, Obama is not far behind him, but having said that, I hope their candidate loses today. Part of the reason is that I like her opponent - Bill Halter - much better, and part of it is that she has been a blue dog and was not helpful during the health care debate, but I have to admit that part of my feeling is that if the people in power are for her, then I'm against her.

Shake it up!


  1. Describe for me why Bill Clinton is a better president than 1) Franklin Roosevelt; 2) Abraham Lincoln; 3) Theodore Roosevelt. 1 and 3 made changes in American government that have withstood the decades and made real improvent in our lives. 2 refused to let the nation divide itself, and paved the way for true rights for all US citizens. To me, Bill Clinton balanced the budget and ... I'm trying hard to come up with another accomplishment. But I may be forgetting something.

  2. I just looked on Wikipedia, and will admit that I had forgotten about NAFTA, Family Medical Leave, and CHIP. But maybe that proves my point....

  3. Or were you exaggerating when you said WJC was the greatest president in American history.

  4. OK, we'll put Bill in the top 5. His changes weren't as long-lasting or momentous as the ones you mention, but just statistically, he made so many improvements:
    - decreased inflation - lowest in 30 years
    - decreased crime rate
    - decreased teen pregnancies
    - lowest unemployment rate in modern times
    - highest home ownership in the country's history (for better or worse as it turned out)
    - reduced welfare rolls
    - the first balanced budget in decades
    - in fact, achieved a budget surplus

    He was blocked by republicans on health care reform, but passed legislation to upgrade education, to protect jobs of parents who must care for sick children, to restrict handgun sales, and to strengthen environmental rules.

    And his job creation stats, as shown on another post on this blog, excuse me - media lab site (?!) were off the charts - 22 million in 8 years.

    He also successfully dispatched peace keeping forces to war-torn Bosnia and bombed Iraq when Saddam Hussein stopped United Nations inspections for evidence of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons. He became a global proponent for an expanded NATO, more open international trade, and a worldwide campaign against drug trafficking.

    And all that was when he wasn't busy gettin' busy in the Oval Office, if you catch the way I'm drifting.

    My sincere belief is that the man was/is a sociopath....and one of the top 3 or 4 Presidents of all time.