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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Random thoughts

Why does any team kick more than one or two field goals in any one exhibition game? Seems like once they have that down, they'd be better off trying their 4th down plays.
Another thing I hardly ever see in Chester County anymore? Hitchhikers. I saw one this morning - an African-American in bright Islam-ish garb. I've picked up hitchhikers before, but it seems now like one of those things I have to think differently about now that I have kids and am the sole wage-earner in the least for now.
I got to meet someone I've wanted to meet for a very long time now over the weekend - Sean Johnson who married the daughter of some lifelong friends - the Marohns. He was the Political Director for Hillary Clinton's PA primary campaign. I wish I could say I'd thought this first, but we were talking all things political over the weekend and he made the observation, and I may be exaggerating it a tad - that maybe the best thing that could happen to Barack Obama's re-election chances would be for the R's to retake the House this November. They would provide a perfect foil/bad guy for the President to run against. It sure helped Bill Clinton. If only they could get Newt to lead them again, though John Boehner may be even more of a cartoon character than Newt.
I guess I should really be separating these into individual posts...

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