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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Uncharted Territorial Senate Gains

A recent post at dailykos, showing the improving chances of Democratic Senator candidates. Wouldn't that be something if the Senate stayed roughly where it is?

"The chart above (not pictured - for some reason, I can't seem to copy charts onto here) also shows how Dems are actually playing some serious offense this cycle -- Ohio, New Hampshire, Louisiana, North Carolina and Kentucky are all pickup opportunities. Throw in Missouri and Florida (with independent Charlie Crist), and you've got seven legitimate pickup opportunities to offset the guaranteed GOP pickups in North Dakota and Arkansas, plus tough contests in Colorado, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Nevada, Pennsylvania, as well as potentially tough races in California, Washington and Wisconsin.

Throw in fading GOP challengers in Nevada and Illinois, and we've got something approaching parity heading into November."

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