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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hear me know, believe me later. (These can be deleted, right? Actually, I'm hoping you'll forget, unless I'm right, then I'll remind you!)

I've been meaning to make some predictions on here for awhile, and I'll get to some more later, but here's one:

Michael Bloomberg with run for President as an Independant, with Chuck Hagel as his running mate. And they will be a huge factor in the race. If they siphon off enough angry, disappointed Ds, frustrated with how moderate Obama has turned out to be, and moderate Rs who have become afraid of the far right wing of their party, they could win.

OK, here's another, the Phils, who are currently 2 1/2 games behind the Braves, will win the division by 4-5 games. And as I write this the Phils just today got finished being swept in a 4 game series vs the lowly Astros, scoring 7 runs in the 4 games.

And as for who will be the R nominee in 2012, I'm still working on that.


  1. You may well be right about Bloomberg/Hagel in 2012. In the last couple of weeks both endorsed Joe Sestak for Senate in PA. The timing does not seem to be coincidence.

  2. This from the man who voted for John Anderson for president.

  3. Not exactly right, Mike. I voted for him to win the D nomination. (Not sure how it's relevant anyway,tho, come to think of it.) But also remember I picked Clinton to win the D nomination well b4 he was the front runner and then correctly picked Dole to be his opponent and a loser as well, immediately after Clinton won in 92. And I had GW winning far before he was the frontrunner among the Rs in 2000. And I had McCain right last time, again well before he won the R nomination. I picked John Edwards rather than Obama tho, just to show i'm not always right.