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OK, so there won't be a LOT on here about sex, but tell the truth, that's most of the reason you entered this site, right? So, I'll slip some things in from time to time just to keep you coming...back.

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Another guest post - also excellent - thanks, Elizabeth!

Hi my name is Elizabeth Norton. I am a mom that is a little out of her element here but I happy to be guest posting on this blog. I asked my husband what I could write on that has to do with a Sport, Politics, and Sex since I am guest blogging on Jamie's Blog. I wasn't sure I was up to tackling the job. I am a pretty conservative person when it comes to sex, I am "confused" (according to my husband) when it comes to politics and I have almost no interest in sports unless the Phillies are winning. In that case I may be slightly delighted. (ok, so I wear a lot of red and act like I have been a "phan" the whole year....don't judge).

Even though I am under qualified to write on these topics because I am clueless. (yes husband Confirmed) We have summed up my post to say this....... (Below is his contribution to this post)
Remember that time when...... Politician, Governor Christie. used New Jersey money to ride in a helicopter to see his son play in a baseball game and how we fought about it? I blame Governor Christie for not getting sex that night. ( you can find my husband on twitter to give him a high five at @DrivesmeCrazy)
Family values are ones that are to be respected. Do I LOOOOVVVVEEE the fact that Governor Christie used state funds to use a helicopter to see a baseball I am sure that the NJ Governor was not landing on the baseball field blind. I am sure he thought through this and knew there would be conversations all over New Jersey like the one that was held in my living room that night, on the radios the following week and in the news that day. Was it wrong? I bet if you ask the son if he shouldn't have come to the game he would have said no. The son has pretty much given to my state "HIS" father. (one more thing that we need is a political driven son alcoholic) One baseball game, that he couldn't even stay the whole time at because of meetings, will be sure to remembered by his son. I call the backlash risk being a good dad! What do you call it? (Tell me in the comments below)

As far as any other actions taken by Governor Christie, I am not so sure about them. He has taken benefits away from a lot of hard working people that will only prove to have issues in the future. If we make the good teachers search for other employment, the good cops become business men, and so and so.......we will only be left with the teachers that could care less of our students and corrupt cops that run our streets. Do we really want that??? (Tell me in the comments below)

New Jersey has been spoiled for a long long long long long long (did I mention LONG time?) It is about time to cut spending but really at what point is the spending that we are doing worth while.....personally I feel education and protection go hand and hand in the world of importance. To cut there is to be cutting of our nose in spite of our face and waving a flag saying NEW JERSEY is stupid.

Governor Christie, next baseball game make sure you are there for your son. Try to take a less expensive mode of transportation to get there....try a train ticket....(ohhh wait the train system in New Jersey SUCKS-add that to your fix to do list....Cape May County doesn't even have a train station) and then after you watch a baseball game think of the people that aren't playing baseball because they are protecting your A$$...


  1. Elizabeth - It would surprise my liberal/progressive friends that I agree about the helicopter ride. I actually have no problems with his doing that. Probably not a good thing to do on a rgular basis, but hey - being Governor should have perks like that! I also love his love of Bruce Springsteen. Other than that, I can't say I like a thing about him or his politics.

  2. can you change. (one more thing that we need is a political driven son alcoholic) to (one more thing that we DON"T need is a politically driven son with problems) and in response to your answer above......I am not a fan of the attack on the professions that turn fruitful citizens and those keeping us safe...... but I feel that a good waver between blue and red is good for the state. We have been one color for so long we are now in the red. I hope he can fix it. (and with that said I still hope he can help the transportation system I need a train from Philly to Cape May County)