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Monday, July 18, 2011

God blessed us, everyone

I've occasionally debated...with to whether Religion has had more of a net positive or negative affect on the course of world events, and I've finally swung from the negative to the positive, based on this one observation:

Although hundreds of thousands of people have been killed through the years in the name of religion, hundreds of millions have been helped just by folks of any given religious body, be it a Southern Baptist mega-church or a tiny Quaker Meeting, helping each other out in times of woe, when we need it most.

The faith-based charities get attention as does the missionary work in foreign countries to help those less advantaged than us, but in the end, it's the person-to-person love, assistance and attention given to our fellow worshipers, that I really think wouldn't otherwise happen, that really tips the balance for me.

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