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Friday, July 8, 2011

Can we agree that we just never agree

In the course of a facebook "conversation" about Ds vs R's and their sources of information, I was recently surprised to hear the same conservative facebook friend I referred to in the post below as being upset at how all her D friends think exactly alike, based on what moveon and dailykos tell us to think and I was shocked. As proof of her conclusion, she said she receives constant emails from various D sources and they all say the same things.

I was shocked that she'd said that, partly because her evidence was so specious, but also because I wished she were right! It could never have been more true what Will Rogers said about not being a member of an organized political party, because he was a Democrat.

I wish we Ds were in as lock step as the Rs. I see that as a strength of theirs and a weakness of Ds. I actually envy them for that, tho it strikes me regularly that I rarely ever hear any original thoughts from my conservative friends that didn't first come form the Rush Limbaugh/Fox/Mitch McConnell crowd.

I have another facebook R friend who thinks I am only progressive in my thinking and to declare that I am a moderate is at best disengenuous and at worst, a lie. And it got me to thinking about all the beliefs that are usually attributed to Ds that you'll virtually never hear me defending or taking up the cause for:

Global Climate Change
Gov't funding for NPR
Opposition to merit-based pay for teachers
The Federal Department of Education...or Commerce
Carte blanche gov't spending
Keeping Social Security and Medicare exactly the way they are now

I'm not saying I necessarily support or oppose any of those things, but I do know that you can't put me in lock step agreement with typical left-wing talking points on any of them. ANd I know there are more, so I'll add to that list as I think of them...just please don't tell moveon lest I get kicked out of our party.

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