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Monday, May 17, 2010

...and maybe the odd one in between

36 years, less 2 days ago, on May 19th, 1974, I attended a hockey game with Terry Lefton. I was a senior at Westtown, Terry a junior. The Flyers won that game, as most readers of this site will remember, 1-0 to win the first of two consecutive Stanley Cups. The Flyers haven't won one since, and I don't believe Terry and I had attended a hockey game together since, at least not as ticket-holders. We'd been in the press box together many times.

Last night, we went to the Flyers' playoff game vs Montreal and the Flyers won 6-0, as I say, almost 36...THIRTY-SIX...years later. 36! I just keep saying that number over and over to myself. In the context of thinking about that game in 1974 and being with the same high school friend last year, it just seems like one of the most incredible numbers I've heard. 36. Dang.

I hope we go to another game in 2046.

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