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Monday, May 24, 2010

Sorta like how Charlie Brown's parents sound

At our Quaker Meeting, during the school year, we start in the school house with a half hour or so of what we clunkily, and misleadingly, call Opening Exercises, where any one person volunteers in advance to run things, and offer a topic either for them to speak about or to lead a discussion on, and we mix in hymns and announcements as well.

Yesterday, the person who was leading it did something I don't remember ever having been done in my 50+ years of going there. He told us he was going to read us a poem and then asked us, in advance, to share one our favorites as well.

It was during the reading of, and my listening to, these poems that I had a revelation.

Now I know what cats hear when we speak to them.

Rtjbo askmjef afh eha dyshj,
asj aefgi dfohthj,
bjhdfv padgvhj.

Sorry about the pentameter, it may not have five metrical feet, but at least it rhymes.

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