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OK, so there won't be a LOT on here about sex, but tell the truth, that's most of the reason you entered this site, right? So, I'll slip some things in from time to time just to keep you coming...back.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm sure Mrs. Stifler would be very proud

I just discovered a "stats" tool on this blog, where I can find out how many people have visited this site - incredibly over 1000?! And what country they are from (Vietnam and Malta among them) and most interestingly, and maybe most revealingly, what site the person was on, before they came to this one. (Don't worry - it doesn't reveal anything about YOU, just the site you came from).

Of recent links, my favorite was the person who came to my site after googling, and this is not a misprint: "Sex Im Amarica".

Frustratingly for the person, the first link on Google's list was a link to an article in Scientific American. Imagine their disappointment.

Incredibly, mine was the 18th link listed, just two spots ahead of a link to the movie American Pie. 

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  1. I am very sure that the Mrs. Stifler would be very proud. In this blog people come and go so fast and this also discovered “stats" tool on this blog.