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Monday, August 31, 2015

And then, you can race me to grab 2020 Hindsight before the election after that one

I watched the VMA’s last night, with the occasionally-attired Miley Cyrus as host…as pictured here for the purposes of increasing web traffic only:


It was one of the best VMAs in memory, I thought, though it was nice to have the fast forward option from my DVR recording for some performances (apologies to you Beleibers out there.)

But the reason for my post is the rambling and odd but entertaining speech by Kanye West…the most entertaining he’s been in many years, from my perspective. At the very end of it, he announced he’d be running for President in 2020, did a mic-drop and walked off the stage.

Why is that blog-worthy? Because I woke up at 3:05am, inspired and determined to contact a patent/copyright lawyer first thing in the morning, to secure the copyrights in advance of the next Presidential election after the one already in full swing.

The phrase to grab before any candidate, quasi- or otherwise?

Vote for _____: The only candidate with 2020 vision.

I got your mic drop right here, Kanye.




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